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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Alone In Love

Watching Alone In Love...you can almost see a reflection of yourself through the characters. Why is love so painful? It's because we made it so. In the drama, we see a couple struggles to move on with their lives after the divorce. They met often and still care about each other deep inside. They have problems communicating their true feelings with each other. All the beautiful words are lost at the tip of their tongues. They only say the right things in their heads and their hearts...not to each other. It's so sad to witness this type of love. It's something we don't wish to experience. Seeing what the couple went through...it made me feel so silly because I realized I can easily make the same mistakes. That's the beauty of this drama. The message is strong and positive. It's one of those dramas we don't want to miss.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

My First Time Blogging...

Since AG has started this blog, i've not exactly done any my own blogging but only commenting on others.. Here's my first... I never do believe blog cuz I dont like ppl tht i am close to know what i am up to.... scary isnt it?

This weekend is suppose to be pack with my assignments but i kept delaying my work.... y y y .. cuz i am lost.. dont know where to begin. This assignment is suppose to be me being a discussant on one of the topic chosen by one of the mates... Arghh.h.. i've never seen or be what a discussant is ... and i dont know how to be a discussant role and i dont know how to begin the discussion... That makes me so lost in my preparation in this assignment!!! arghhhh...

Dramas ... now that Goong has officially ended. *siGH * Finally... i realised i am going to miss it. WAIT! Not in the sense of the drama ... but i think i miss Alfred more.... all Alfred's different pose....

My favourite Alfred's pose in last 2 episodes ...

bye bye Alfred.... I'm going to miss u ...

With April arriving... One of my favourite reality tv show is starting soon!!! Yeahhh... looking forward to Big Brother 2006 and it's Friday Night Games..... Unbelievable i still watch TV right? It's interesting to see what happens when u throw a bunch of unknown males and females into a house, confined to a specific area.. with no tv no radio no outside world news... 24hrs a day facing each other. There's a camera in every corner of the room filming the housemates 24hrs a day. They even have cameras in the bathing area... It's interesting to see how each housemates gossips/flirts or behaves under circumstances.

Each week one or 2 contestants will get booted out by voting done by the housemates. The last one surviving the almost 80+ days will be the winner. Ahhh.. just read there wont be BB Uplate segment. Uplate segment usually rated MA (featuring them in the bedroom etc etc...) while the evening segments of BB are rated PG with competitions and shots of housemates doing their daily task. ....

Remember ... Big Brother is always watching. http://www.bigbrother.com.au/

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The most amazing person right now is...

This boy, named Elliot Yamin... my favorite american idol finalist...
and I really really really hope he wins!!!

Please God.. you have to let this boy win.

It first started when I noticed him in the American Idol episodes, thought to myself, oh the boy has a good voice.
Then as weeks went by, I saw more and more of his performances and I was drawn by his amazing control of his voice. Every week he would choose the hardest song to sing. And from someone who doesn't have the looks to stand out in the crowd, more and more people are starting to notice this boy name Elliot, who knocks people off their chair with his singing.

I became attracted to know more about him, so I went on the net to find out. To my horror, the more I found out about this boy's life.. the more stunned I became, the more my heart wanted to reach out to him, to support him even more.


The more I read, the more inspired I became because of him.

You see.. Elliot looks perfectly healthy on stage, but the truth is, the boy is sick, very sick. He's got diabetes. My grandmother passed away because of diabetes when I was young so I never really realised what the disease is about.

But reading about Elliot's condition truly shocked me of what the disease can do to a person's life. Elliot lost 90% of his hearing because of this disease, mostly because of having too many ear infections when he was young. The disease not only affects his ears, but also affects his eyesight, causing him to have trouble moving around on stage. He's also extra careful about falling because diabetics have a hard time getting their wounds to heal, so he's not able to move on stage alot. This boy also wears an insulin pump that pokes needle through his stomach and its hidden from people to see because he keeps his shirt untuck all the time. ouch!

All these things amaze me because the boy is still shining as one of the top 10 finalist in American Idol. And may I say, he's got one of the most amazing voices I've ever heard. He makes singing chord changes and tempo changes in a song look so incredibly easy to do, like a breeze. Whenever I see him now, I see strength that deeply touches me. Go ELLIOT! GO WIN THIS THING!! And become a musical legend one day! ;)

ELLIOT's STORY - click on images to read.


Listen to this boy sing and tell me if you believe he's almost half deaf ..

Sunday, March 19, 2006

2 frustrating episodes of goong

I just watched episode 19 + 20 of goong... AHHHHHHH!!!! have to scream at all the yul and chae gyung scenes....

my heart so pain when i look at shin... so misunderstood... and his wife doesnt bother to understand him... *cry*

at the end of episode 20 i really couldnt take it anymore.. i burst into tears when he announced in the television show how much he loved her... SO SAD!!!!! because all she was thinking about was how to divorce him....!!! and that poor man was only thinking about how to make her happier...

i wanted to kick chae gyung! i really wanted to! she has no idea how capable she is at hurting shin... EVIL WOMAN !

Monday, March 13, 2006

Have to trim the crazy threads..

Oh my gawd! I look at the threads that need to be trimmed and can die ok..

Though I never thought taking the job would be an easy one, experiencing it is a totally different thing. *panting*

took me like two hours to trim the news page and I only managed to trim from 57 pages to 47 pages.. :/

I need superhuman powers hehehe.. but actually the job is quite fun somehow.. aigoo~ but for how long i don't know~

oh ya. after my letter "from me to you" some people wrote to me.. the most interesting was this letter. I guess she was againts my idea of anti-spamming..


Congratulation!!!! ..

Anyway - just wanna voice up my tots about spamming thing..

I love soompi because here we get to meet lotsa ppl from all over the world..
and some we considered real frens even though we never met some of them.
And I like forum because I can reply to any post at my own sweet time.. unlike msn or chatroom - we have to be there or missed everything.

I love soompi because it's not too strict on the spamming issue. I've seen a few
forum closed because of no one posting. In someway it's good that ppl post (not
those onliner - I hate onliner - well may be not to make it a habit)..

Sometime there won't be news about actors and that's the reason some of the
thread barely move and ppl would get bored. eventually ppl stop posting and leave
the thread all together. Sometime we are lucky that there are many articles /news
of the actor we like.. but not all actors are this "lucky". I've seen some reposting
old articles just to make the thread move and only the same person posting or
2 -3 people posting in the thread.

That's what happen to sokorean - ppl leave because it's no longer fun...

Anyway - I hate the over spamming thread too..

Just my two cents and I hope you are not offended ..

Good luck.. it is not easy to be a mod...

QUOTE MY REPLY with help of soulmate, and cute mashi.. :D

thank you for sharing with me your thoughts. However, I've said everything I wanted to say in my post at the pinned topics. The reason I am discouraging spamming is because it is heavy on the soompi server. So unless spammers are willing to pay every month for the forum which is actually close to $$$$ a month, then you can be sure that spamming will be seen less serious an offence.

You must not think that just because a thread is slow moving, it is actually causing soompi to die, but rather irresponsible posters that will eventually kill soompi.

Another food for thought is, I also have many friends who have left soompi after the spamming issue in soompi went out of hand. So its definitely not quantity that people are looking at but also the quality of discussion in the thread. the purpose of a thread is to share information and discussion ..sometimes small idle chat are not restricted, but the situation had become the thread is a live chatroom of people talking about personal stuff rather than the thread topic. It is a burden on the reader as well as on soompi.

If you would like your thoughts to be read and post at a time convenient to you, then I suggest you start a blog or forum about daily lives with your friends.
So yeah, Hope you understand where i'm coming from.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Do you want to Waltz .~

Pictures from soompi.com captured by LUV.! ^^

ah~~ .do you want to waltz ~ ..i feel like i want to waltz with philip ! ^^ ..well this is a new drama Spring Waltz which just started 6 March on KBS

...the final installment to the famous seasonal series by PD Yoon Suk Ho ... who produced "Autumn Story" "Winter Sonata" and "Summer Scent. Since what led me into the kdrama world was Autumn Tale ..somehow ..though i was not really very captivated by the Summer and Winter series. .only Autumn touches my heart ..but now that this is the final closure ..i decided i should take a peep and see .if there is any magic to be cast by PD Yoon who some termed him as the director from neverland .always .believing in magic of first love

and to my surprise ...the first peep make me want more ! ..keke yes my confession is i am actually quite charmed by the 1 and 2nd esp of Spring waltz ..ake me recall how reallly good PD Yoon is in capturing the colors of nature ~ amazingly he still is quite the master of cinematography ..the lights and the colors and the images he captured plus the mood set by the tune he choose ..the soothing tones of the bg music ..i was ..well .charmed to my surprise ~ maybe because the least u expected u are caught off guard ..frankly after the last two season ..i have my doubts with the final installment will it be able to cast some magic like autumn tale did ...perhaps it can from the look of the 1 & 2 esp but it is still tooo early to say .we shall have to wait and see .

but for the monent now ..i am enjoying the breathtaking captures of Austria ~ .the train journey they took make me really want to go there and have a trip as well ..~ ` it was really quite movie like the way it was filmed and i relallly like the music use in this ..classical as well as contempory music .very soothing ~ ..

and i am of couse loving .daniel as philip in here plainly he soo hot keke even with a nerdy hairstyle ...ahhh the moment he jump down the car for the girl to be her guide i was saying omg ~ keke soo romantic ~ .....he still has such a charming voice !

and the rest of the cast as welll ..do seem suited for their roles .they are relatively freshmen to me ..since i never seem them before .apart from some of them but the main leads ..Suh DoYung and han Hyo Joo.are new to me .but i am quite satisfied with the director choice from what i have seem of them ..especially Han hyo joo has a certain freshness and lively feel in her .but i not sure how she can handle more emtional scenes yet but she is really quite sweet and Suh Do yung .he has that mysticial air ..and unapproachableness .. he does look suit for the role of talented pianist ..but when he simle ..~ he sure seem like someone who can touches you with his tenderness if he want to show it .as in most of the season drama .he has that sense of sadness for remembering his first love ` ..~`now i really curious how they get separated and how they are going to meet again ! ..

and the 2 esp are purely on their childhood but i like the esp since the cast include the young kid from F70s he is sooo goood ! . Eun WonJae(little bin si ) and the little girl Han SoHee

The episodes with the children has been filmed last march.

the pilot esp start with how Eun young went to Austria in search of ideas for her handicrafts and there she run into Philip by accident ..and he happen to be quite charm by her .and give her a pair of tickets to a concert by Chris Y . while eun young was on her way from vienna to Salzburg . she met .Jae Ha .and never knowing that he is infact Chris Y ..she even give him the tic to the concert ...in exchange for ruining his sweater ^^ ..and there in the conert ..he was actually waiting and looking out to see her appear ...

the second esp ...begin with the memories of his childhood ...and on the island where his father took him ..he do not want to be stay on the island ..but later he was grateful they were there because that why he can met eun young and hence his life will never be miserable and dark again .because she is like the rainbow in his life ..~ ..and the esp continues with how the two come to understand each other and u can see how they bond ..in a way which make them unable to forget each other ..

brief synopsis (partial taken from soompi.com and edited by me )

"Spring Waltz" draws the story of 2 main leads that have a memorable childhood but they break up due to an accident. 15 years and they reunite and meet again in Austria .yet not knowing who each other is

The male lead Jae Ha looses his mother as a child and lives with his father. He goes through hardships as a child. One day because of a debt problem, he hides in a small island. On that island he meets a girl EunYoung who gives him a warm welcome. He spends a happy spring with her. But their happiness was shortlived as due to an accident . they were separated till 15 years later when they meet again . By then Jae Ha is already a renowned pianist with Philip as his manager yet he never once return to korea for the last 15 years .


Yoon Jae-ha aka Chris Y ( actor : Seo Do Young )

Park Eun young ( Actress : Han hyo joo)

Phillip (Dianel Henry)

Opening theme ..( not sure how to post clips here but here the link

OKAy but i must put a disclaimer i am also not sure if this drama will go uphill or downhill .just feeling quite pleasantly surprise i want to see more of it .~ ..hmm..we shall see if the waltz continue on tilll the end .~ ..

PS The begnning of esp one >>eun young say If you wish to love , if you wish to meet again you will surely love and meet again ...as if you are playing hide and seek ..no matter where you hide .even if you cannot be seem you must be waiting somewhere for me

it is the theme as for the other seasons series they are soulmate waiting out there for each other to find each other ..

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The week that was ...

So I've been meaning to make a blog entry but am too lazy to get started because I've been busy catching up on my dramas & work as well as doing a short trip. The trip was fun despite the bad start ... the train trip was delayed by 6 hours in arriving because a commuter train was derailed and we had to spent a couple of hours waiting for the train company to figure out a backup plan to get us to our destination. And then more waiting in between switching from train to bus and to train again to finally reach my destination. Craziness ... my mom said we could have reached London by plane the amount of time we spent on the road. Anyway, I lost 6 hours of shopping time ... keke ... but still I manage to have a great time. Thanks to a couple of members of this blog. The food & company was awesome. :=) Thank you so much gals. *hugz*

I also managed to meet up with a close college friend of mine ... an amazing girl. We've known each other like forever and although we don't keep in touch as often as we like being busy with our own lives but everytime I meet up with her, it's as if I just met up with her yesterday. I would say she's the only friend I have who never forget a single birthday of mine no matter which part of the globe she happens to be in. I hope she knows how much I love & appreciate her ... not because she remembers my birthday ... keke ... but for not changing over the years we've known each other. Oh and I made a new discovery this trip ... she's a recently converted kdrama fan. How awesome is that? ... another thing we could connect on. But urmmn... she thinks Summer Scent is great ... I must so brainwash her though ... hehehe.

I'll stop boring people with personal life story & write a little on what I've been watching lately.

A Bold Family (2005)
Casts - Gam Woo sung, Kim Soo ro, Shin goo, Kim Soo mi, Sung ji roo, Shin ee
It was an enjoyable movie although it didn't stand out in anyway for me. Although it started off as a comedy with both GWS & KSR's characters doing every inconceivable thing to maintain the North & South Korea reunification lie they told to their father at his dying bed because it's his lifelong wish to be able to see his family in North Korea again ... the movie got on a solemn mode towards the end and the reunion scene made me teared somewhat. It made me feel sad for those families who can't ever see their loved ones because of country politics. So if that's what this film is trying to convey then it did get to me. The one person who really stood out for me though in this movie ... is the guy who was the mafia boss in the Miss Kim drama with Kim Hyun Joo ... he's absolutely hilarious although his was a minor role. What a funny guy.
Sarangni/Close to You/Blossom Again/Wisdom Tooth (2005)
Casts: Kim Jung eun, Lee Tae sung
I find this movie urmmn... rather disturbing actually. Maybe I was in a morally preachy mode when watching this but if that's the case then Green Chair should have me traumatized. Despite similar topics of much older woman and barely out of school young boy and despite Green Chair being a more sexually explicit movie ... I could actually sympathize with the protagonists in Green Chair but not this movie. Kim Jung-eun's character in this movie seems quite mental to me and maybe it bothers me more because she's a teacher and she seems like she has behavioural problem. But then maybe it's me totally not getting this movie. I did read somewhere that this movie is about coming of age ... I wonder if she did ... ooops ... or is it the guy who did? Keke ... This is only recommended because I wanted to know if anyone else gets this movie & could explain to me what I'm not getting. :P
Bimbo note ... I find the guy who lived in with KJE's character really cute though and there's the translator in F70s that some of us are drooling over when we should not be paying attention to him since he's just an extra although his scenes are minimal in this movie.
내 생애 가장 아름다운 일주일
Lovely Week/All for Love (2005)
Cast: Uhm Jung hwa, Lim Chang jung, Kim Soo ro, Hwang Jung min, Joo hyun, Yoon Jin suh, Jung Kyung ho
I had to think a long time to try and recall what this movie is about. I guess it's not that memorable huh since I didn't watch it too long ago. Either that or my memory is getting progressively worst. Anyway, after thinking hard ... I could kind of recall what this movie is about ... and as I sit here writing this ... I'm getting flashbacks of scenes after scenes of this movie. So it's not as totally forgettable as I thought.
This movie is similar to Sad Movie minus urmmn... the sadness? Anyway, I really enjoyed this movie ... the casts are great although there are no hunky Jung Woo sung or cute Lee Ki woo etc ... but overall the story plot works for me more. Jung Kyung-ho played a similar role to his Misa Yoon I thought. Gosh ... I can remember each & everyone role's in the movie except for Kim Soo-ro ... my mind is still blank on that. Oh wells ... I do recommend this movie though.
Life In Pink (2005) - Excellent performances all around from the stellar casts but I do find it over dramatic at times the way they tried so hard to make the audiences feel sad & sorry for Choi Jin Shil's character. It's like ... give that woman a break. Everything that could go wrong did for her. That didn't stop me from shedding copious amount of tears through the writer manipulations while watching this though thanks to the excellant casts & acting.

I've yet to finish watching this 'coz the Chinese subbers have stalled this project which is sad because things are starting to get interesting with the introduction of Nam Goong min. I manage to watch up to 14 with subs and can only manage to find an unsubbed episode 15 but his interaction with Lee Tae-ran is soo cute. I didn't think he was all that on first few looks but he's totally sweeping me off my feet now. Can't wait to see how things will work out between him & LTR.
I've watched a lot more than this but this is taking way too long so it will have to be continued. I was gonna rant about something else but end up writing this instead.

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